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The Clergy is led by the Provost, The Very Rev Dr. David Olasode Olagbaju.   He assumed office on the 1st of June  2015.  He is blessed with a virtuous wife and wonderful children.

He is being assisted by the following  Priests and Wives:

Revd & Mrs M. I. Oladipo

Revd & Mrs. E.A. Adebayo

Revd & Mrs Benjamin C. Ekpeye

Revd & Mrs J. A. Oluwatuyi


1.   Cathedral Priests                              –   The The Very Rev’d Dr. David Olasode Olagbaju (Provost)

                                                                        –  The Revd M. I. Oladipo

                                                                            The Revd & Mrs. E. A. Adebayo

                                                                           The Revd & Mrs Benjamin C. Ekpeye

                                                                            The Revd & Mrs J. A. Oluwatuyi


  1. Peoples’ Warden                              – Engr. A. O. Okeowo
  2. Provost’s Warden                           – Mr. Wale Koyi
  3. Verger                                                  – Mr. Segun Ogunmefun
  4. Accountant                                        – Mrs. O. E. Akanbi
  5.  Provost’s Secretary                      – Mrs. R. O. Olabode
  6. Accounts Officer                             – Mr. J. A. Akala
  7.                                                                   – Miss. Biola Bolaji
  1. Assistant Secretary                       – Mrs. B. M. Oyetunji
  2.  Receptionist                                    – Mrs. Abigael Aderonmu
  3. Diocesan Organist                         – Mr. Dotun Olayemi
  4. Asst. Master of the Music           – Mr. E.O. Ogunseye
  5. Assistant Organist                        – Mr. Akinniyi Ayodeji
  6. Technician                                      –  Mr. Lekan Lawal
  7.                                                              –  Mr. Tosin Ayodele.
  1. Co-ordinator, Women’s Work – Princess Florence Olagbaju
  2. Auditors                                            –   Mr. E. A. Onafuwa

                                                                              Mr. I.O. Taiwo

  1. Sexton                                                 –    Mr. Amos Ogunyemi

                                                                          –    Mr. Samuel Oyinlade


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