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                                CHURCH NEEDS

* Amplifier, Speakers, Keyboard for Outdoor Evangelism;
* Complete set of Computers (HP3.0 Dual-core Processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 20 Inches V.D.U.)
* Plastic Tables for Church & Sunday School etc.
* Two Horse Power Split A/C (LG)
* Block of Class Rooms (for Cathedral College)
* 100 KVA Sound Proof Generator
* Photocopier Machine – Sharp AR 5622 or AR 6020
* Close Circuit T.V. – Security
* Altar Cross for Lady Chapel
* Laptop and Projector for the Children Department


Sponsors are needed to assist in the financing of:

  • Weekly Service Bulletin:- 52 weeks @ N12,000 per week   = N624,000.00
  • Refreshment at Vigils:
  1.    Diocesan – 4 @ N10,000                                                                =  N40,000.00

        Breakfast Entertainment after Holy Communion Service on Sundays   : = N84,000.00

        * Diocesan Board Meetings, four times a year at estimated N80,000.00 per meeting totalling = N320,000.00

* New Home Project – Welfare assistance to the needy in our neighbourhood, twice in a year at N100,000/occasion

totaling,     N200,000.00


  • Evangelism, provision for baby Churches:
  1. Our Saviour, Oke-Ado, we need N7million to purchase the building currently being used.
  2. Foko Preaching Station, we need N2million to purchase suitable land for the construction of a Church building.
  • Construction of Igboora Church Building Project, we need about 5Million Naira to  continue the work
  1. General items:
  2. a) Bibles    –                                           : N50,000.00
  3. b) Hymn books – I.O.M.                     :  N55,000.00

c) Church Hymnal                                        :  N45,000.00

  1. Holy Communion Pamphlets –          :  N32,000.00 –
  2. Cathedral College:

(i)            Boys’ Hostel

(ii)           Girls’ Hostel

(iii)          Administrative Building

(iv)          Home Economics Equipment

(v)           Computers – for Teaching Students

(vii)         Books for the College Library

8.   Equipping and Interior Decoration of the Old St. James Cathedral Building (Bethel) – N12,000,000.00.

9.   Completion of Cathedral Chalet at the Diocesan Events & Retreat Centre; about N8Million is required.


God bless you as you attempt great things for Him. Amen.


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