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MONDAY Bible Study/Foundation School (CFDS) @ 5.00 -6:00p.m.
TUESDAY Daniels(Cathedral Intercessors) Prayer Meeting @ 4.00p.m.Corporate Prayer Meeting @ 5.00p.m.Choir Practice @ 6p.m – New members are welcomed
WEDNESDAY Power Service- 9.00a.m. – 12noon;Medical Clinic Opens @ 12noonCounseling Hour – Meet your Priests between 12noon – 2.00p.m.Girls’ Guild meets @ 5.00p.m. New Members are welcome

Boys’ Brigade meets @ 4.00p.m. – New Members are welcome

THURSDAY Cathedral Youth Church Refreshing Hour @ 5.00p.m.Choir Practice at 6.00p.m. New members are welcomeFaith Clinic/Deliverance Hour (1st & last Thursday of the month) @ 5.00p.m.Mothers’ Union @ 4.00p.m(2nd and 3rd Thursday)

Women’s Guild @ 4.00p.m – (Last Thursday)

FRIDAY Neighbourhood Witnessing @ 5.00p.m.Cathedral Youth Forum Vigil @ 11p.m.-3rd Friday of every monthHoly Ghost Night (Vigil) @ 11.p.m. – Last Friday of every month
SATURDAY Elders Forum, – First Saturday of the Month @ 10.00a.m.Sisters’ Forum Meeting – Last Saturday of the Month @ 4p.m