Our Vision

  • Our Mission

To provide spiritual leadership and  training in worship and evangelism, through the teaching and practice of the undiluted word of God, so that people of all tribes will come to Jesus, follow Jesus and witness for Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Our Vision

Our founding fathers conceived this Cathedral as a leadership centre in spiritual activities:

–           A Cathedral Church which will be the centre of activity, of contemplation and meditation, an altar from whence  continuous and holy adoration should go to the throne of Grace.


–           A Cathedral to serve as the spiritual centre, a rallying point, a house of prayer, a power house for both statesmen and clerics, a community centre for all the citizens of Ibadan –  The capital city of Yoruba-land.


–           A centre where souls would be very much thought of, and such thoughts would be made to flow to all Churches in the Diocese.


–           A centre where care and attention would be given to the bringing up of children in the nurture and fear of the Lord.


–           A pattern, a model and a mother to all Churches in the Diocese, as well as, other Dioceses.  To provide, spiritual leadership in:  Evangelism, Cure and Care of Souls, Teaching and Practising the undiluted word of God; Prayers and lifting up holy hands to the throne of Grace, as a Father’s home for all tribes and ethnic groups in the Diocese of Ibadan and other Dioceses in the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion.